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    1. Lovely. Anyone interested in nature & poetry might want to check out “Conversations” by Clem J. Nagel & Elizabeth C. Nagel. Similar mood to Leaf & Twig. Enjoy!

  1. So that’s what they’re doing…telling stories! I hear the birds in our back yard trees twittering, especially in the early morning, and always wonder what they’re talking about 🙂

  2. Crows are incredible smart and social birds. I would bet half of the flock conversing in the tree are related. I also understand that crows can recognize human faces and get to know who belongs in the neighborhood and who is a stranger. Our own stories about crows are mixed. In European folklore, crows (and ravens) are figures of sinisterness and malice. But to Native Americans, crows are revered messengers. I prefer the latter sentiment. Striking photo. Love birch trees, love crows, but especially love seeing them together.

  3. I love this capture! I’ve been seeing so many crows lately, it’s crazy, and they’ve been in huge flocks making such a loud ruckus, it’s great.

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