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  1. Walt Whitman wrote “When lilacs lat in the dooryard bloomed” about Lincoln’s assassination, which took place in mid-April. So our DC lilacs bloom earlier, but they are not nearly as beautiful as New England lilacs, nor as dearly appreciated when they finally arrive.

  2. It is the end of May?
    Somehow I missed the whole month. 🙁
    Lilacs are a sturdy plant. They always just bloomed with no care. We just expected them every year.

  3. April showers bring May flowers for June weddings. Really nice photo, I can almost sense their aroma. “If a blossom hath four petals do not make five in your drawing lest you dishonor the beauty of it’s soul”.
    “Leonardo DaVenci”.

  4. In Greek, the word for lilac is paskhalia, because it blooms around Greek Easter (Paskha). Ours here in Maryland are long since finished. Nice photo. Nice poem.

  5. Oh, I *miss* lilacs! This is lovely but it’s making me homesick. I’ve been told they only bloom in climates with a hard winter, so i haven’t been in lilac territory for a long time… Thanks!

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