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  1. I love it. Take away the capitals and punctuation, and you have a two-line haiku.
    The tags for this one made me smile. End-of-May snow here in New Zealand wouldn’t be so very strange in many parts of the country. 🙂

    Lovely photo and words…

  2. Beautiful image and interpretation once again! Except a few flurries, we got no snow, but a LOT of rain! I hope you’re staying warm and safe and seeing a patch of blue sky this morning as I am seeing looking out my window. 🙂

  3. oh no! is right… hope it disappears as quickly as is came – they are calling for very hot weather by the end of the week so I’m sure it will reach you too!

    1. I thought everything would be frost killed. But amazingly this afternoon all the snow is gone and nothing really looks too much worse for the wear, the pansies and violets have bounced back up. There is even a “wish-able” dandelion still standing. nature is amazing!

  4. A wonderful image. Your snow was my rain in southern New Hampshire for my vacation. Oh, well … 🙂

    1. Sorry to hear you got rain on your vacation. But rain, and even snow, somehow seems to set the right, somber, tone for memorial day weekend. Safe travels.

  5. Oh my! And I thought the 25F we’ve been experiencing on the west coast of Norway was cold.. I’m sorry about your trees :-/

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