27 Replies to “Winter Clings”

  1. Sure miss Ohio…especially when the blizzards would come off Lake Erie and the snow would be stuck on the sides of buildings, cars, bus shelters, signs, but there’d be hardly any on the ground. And using lighters to un-freeze door locks on the car. I’ll stick with my beach a while. Good luck with that…got a good photo from it.
    On my Way…

  2. While I like your picture and the birch is lovely…I’m ready for winter to quit clinging so hard and let spring have a go 🙂

  3. “magical” image Seedbud,

    and ‘clinging’ is not necessarily a word I think of in a positive way, unless of course it´s being used in a blog post of yours! blessings

    1. I’m about 2 hours from Canada, in the Upper Valley of New New Hampshire. The natives like to say “It’s not the end of the earth but you can see it from here.”

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