The Mare


Her spirit shone past her uncared for mane and coat.
She spoke with her eyes about dignity and hope.

31 thoughts on “The Mare”

    1. Smiles because of what you wrote and of the beauty of the inside of the animal, after I sent the comment I thought I better add to that. We all need to be aware of animal abuse.


    1. I don’t know. I took this shot in the middle of the day. She was so friendly and wanting some attention. I hope someone was caring for her. But I’m not sure.


  1. dear Lord, I hope you called animal control, to get someone to take care of her. She looks terribly neglected, and so sad. great photo tho.


  2. Hi Seedbud! Just curious – at this point, do you know anything about this horse (i.e. was he in your “neighborhood”? I’m hoping he was just all muddied up from rolling around and/or romping. Love the photo! Thanks again for visiting my site as well and liking “Lily pads in Blue” and “Wasp Dance”.


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