Grandfather still holds onto stones from the earth.
No longer a giant, now a sculpture
a testament to the power of nature.

23 thoughts on “Uprooted”

  1. Your photo shows how trees create “pillows and cradles” – that is holes and mounds in the forest floor. In New England you can use these features to guess how long ago it was (if ever) that the forest was an agricultural field. It takes a long time for a fallen tree to decay and drop those stones from its roots.


  2. I love seeing trees uprooted like this precisely because of the astounding sculptural effect, and the story of the intimate connection between roots and earth horribly ruptured; it’s so full of drama. I’ve also read that a tree’s death takes a long time, maybe a hundred years, and in dying it creates food and shelter for so many other smaller lives that allowing this process keeps the earth healthy.


  3. I have just tip-toed through your last few postings. Quiet moments of delight. I really enjoy this post of ‘Grandfather’ still holding affectionately to the stories of the carved in stone…


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