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  1. Hi. I love the horizontal lines in this photo. “mist ushers in the morning’ is lovely… I like the words ‘ushers’… nice sound and associations! Jane

  2. Seedbud: I am making a post about harvests: may I add a link to your picture “Change” above as an end note about what happens when the harvest is all finished? I will quote your blog of course. My email is in my gravatar. Mille grazie!

      1. Hello: Thank you so much! I wonder why you bounced. I’ll go check what might be wrong…and fix it. The harvest post is up and I have added your link into it, check it at : http://wp.me/p2jlos-o3.
        Sorry …. but you’ll have to scroll all the way down to see the link and my comment. I am more verbose than you are. I admire the laconic style though! I must learn things from your blog.

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