You no longer tell time by new rings.
Now as a beam, you measure time
by the nights and days of shelter you provide,
absorbing laughter and tears into your fibers and history.

5 thoughts on “Time”

  1. Though not allowed anymore… a gal brought to the Ephrata fair a tree home made from a carved out giant redwood. She said her father lived in it for seven years! When she takes her 1,900 year old home on the road she only gets about 4 miles to the gallon of gas. 1,900 rings – just imagine…


      1. The photo was in the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal (Lancaster – the city in south eastern, PA, USA – there is only one newspaper here now) last week sometime. The ‘log home’ was at the Ephrata Fair. Maybe if you Googled Redwood traveling tree home? I didn’t think to clip the photo, and have since gotten rid of the paper.


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