On The Bulkhead Door

disintegrated blossoms
rain and time
etch the cosmos

The Size Of Time

the herd
dwarfed by trees
nature’s hierarchy of scale

In The Time Of Gloaming

beneath the hues
of yellow, pink, lavender, blue
a tree dreams of green

A Place For Daydreaming

linger on
waterfall bridge
where time is suspended

One Way To Mark Your Place In Time

with one step
we are on the other side
and a new year begins

Gentle Mountains

rounded shoulders
of time
guide the river

Work And Play

between wood stackings
we put paddles in the water
time is our friend

Dearest Neighbor

these slower times
allow for longer visits
with the flowers

In The Door Yard

with snow and flower buds
the cairn, moose antler and sun dial
mark and keep track of time

One Of Two

each circle self distinct
bark barrier between
but time and proximity
merge two into one

Like A Tattered Flag

the barn endured
despite the wear

This December’s Interval

rock, leaf, ice, snow
elements and artifacts

The Old Birch Disrobed

takes her
seasons dress her