Now LEAF AND TWIG will arrive as an email.

My Dear Readers,

Technology never stops changing.
Leaf And Twig has had to make some changes to stay current.

Now to access Leaf And Twig you need to subscribe by email.
It’s quick and easy to do. Just click HERE.
Or visit the Leaf And Twig website.
There’s been some improvements and additions there you don’t want to miss.
Even if you currently receive a daily email you still need to compete this process.

I hope you will take a moment to complete this tiny bit of virtual paperwork so you can continue enjoying Leaf And Twig’s celebration and appreciation of things large and small that make us smile, wonder and renews the spirit.

Please note that the daily posts will no longer be available through the ‘WordPress Reader’ due to a technical restriction beyond my control.

Always All The Best,

14 Replies to “Now LEAF AND TWIG will arrive as an email.”

  1. Oh dear.. I just deleted 70 emails in one account after a few days, and over 400 in the other — and none were from ‘bloggers (I only subscribe via WP Reader). Maybe I can save your site to my Bookmarks — I’ll certainly try, that I may continue to look in on you. If not, peace — and thank you so much for everything! 🌷

  2. I have subscribed but will miss you in WP. If the technical constraints are related to the Block Editor, let me know please. There is a relatively painless work around that lets you use the old standard Classic Editor. If it is related to maxing out your Media Library file limit, you can save jpg images as file size Medium instead of Maximum. Medium image quality is perfectly adequate for the internet. Good luck!

  3. Hi Catherine, i went to subscribe but I need to set up a password and everything. I was already subscribed by email before. Do I need to re set this up? I’ll miss you in the reader. Often, I skip checking emails to come here.

  4. Hi Catherine. I subscribed the other day and received the first email today. Thank you. Two things (1) no matter what link in the email I clicked (the post title, comment title, or the like link) it navigates to a page saying Oops you must be subscribed HOWEVER I had successfully subscribed and clicked that confirmation email the other day, too. (2) your email hit my inbox at 6am and woke me up. Please change your delivery time to be later in the day. WordPress posts never wake me but email does. After 9am ET is in keeping with business hours. Sorry to complain as I’m sure this is just teething pains with a new system. Good luck!

  5. Babsje, Unfortunately, it’s not possible to individualize the delivery time. If the unsubscribe button at the very, very bottom of the post you received today doesn’t work just let me know and I’ll unsubscribe you manually.

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