20 Replies to “Staying Up A little Longer”

    1. Really amazing! Probably by the end of the week. Things have been blooming like it’s mid summer at the end of October. So warm bulbs are starting to sprout! Forsythia is giving a second bloom as the leaves are dying. Very Strange. What will it mean for spring?

      1. Last week I saw a crabapple in FULL bloom. Kind of freaked me out when I asked that same question along with, ‘What if this becomes a common occurrence? No fruit to eat!

  1. Wonderful post!

    Also, I’m so sorry I have been basically MIA in the blogosphere. Things have been shifting and changing so I got knocked off balance. Things are finally settling down so I should be able to keep up better now. 😀

  2. Lovely image there on your hillside. (I overheard the exchange between you and Eliza. Interesting.) Also, the poem gave me a new way of looking at late flowers in my dear’s own little garden. Nice complement to a colorful-tree day here in the Midwest.

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