19 Replies to “Reverberations”

  1. This is so lovely–my dad cultivated gladiolus for years when I was a little boy in our first home….reminds me of his passion for these unique flowers….

  2. I’m learning to love glads again. When I was growing up, they always were associated with funerals — some of the most ghastly sprays! But these are beautiful: happy, not sad.

    1. I’ve had to overcome that same association hurdle. Now they are one of my favorite flowers. Maybe it is just that they should never be ‘arranged’ ….

  3. Glads are sometimes called “flags.” They have a beautiful fluttery edge, reminiscent of a moving flag. These are a gorgeous example of one of their most brilliant colors. The ones my parents had were purple and white. I love ’em!

  4. Perhaps if the windows were open and clear it would also draw inhabitants outside where all senses can be engaged. This image does that for me.

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