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  1. Not liking the spotlight, this truly is a great photo. It seems most times you are allowed glimpses and even good long stares, but as soon as you try and capture it with a click of the camera, off they fly! Beautiful shot!

  2. Always hidden in plain sight! 🙂

    On Fri, Oct 2, 2015 at 4:20 AM, leaf and twig wrote:

    > seedbud posted: ” I am seen by the knowing yellow eye and allowed > audience”

  3. Wonderful photo and comment. Here’s a sonnet I wrote about a GBH:
    Great Blue

    Dawn spread a sheet of satin on the glass
    canal and lake and towpath in between.
    My walk was interrupted by the scene
    of his arrival from the marsh to grass.
    I stopped stock still in case he wished to pass,
    so I could watch him without being seen .
    The wide splayed yellow fingers on the green…
    How could such stick straw spindles ever last,
    supporting elegance of gray blue girth?
    Binoculars allowed him in my reach…
    But yellow eyes at last discovered me.
    A lift of neck and feather, shrug of mirth,
    one blase glance and off the grainy beach,
    into the air of swallowed memory.

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