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  1. Good one! We’ve discovered hundreds of new webs in the field behind us, at least two different species. Taking photos of them is difficult because the camera wants to focus on the bigger things around the delicate strands. You did good! Nice poem, too.

  2. “Cherokee (Native American): A popular Cherokee tale credits Grandmother Spider with bringing light to the world. According to legend, in the early times everything was dark and no one could see at all because the sun was on the other side of the world. The animals agreed that someone must go and steal some light and bring the sun back so people could see. Possum and Buzzard both gave it a shot, but failed – and ended up with a burned tail and burned feathers, respectively. Finally, Grandmother Spider said she would try to capture the light. She made a bowl of clay, and using her eight legs, rolled it to where the sun sat, weaving a web as she traveled. Gently, she took the sun and placed it in the clay bowl, and rolled it home, following her web. She traveled from east to west, bringing light with her as she came, and brought the sun to the people.”


    Your poem and photo reminded me of the above.

  3. gorgeous < 3 I saw the most astounding web the other day, ridiculously perfect and elaborate! I took pictures but unfortunately I only had my cell phone :/ I really enjoy your photographs and work and I'd love if you'd check out mine; I took all the header photographs myself in Egypt! Not with a professional camera, but still a little Nikon, a step up from a cellphone!

  4. What beautiful images — and so cleanly presented, right down to the typography and white space. Lovely work. Thank you for visiting my blog, and giving me the chance to discover yours.

  5. Thanks for noticing Coy Rabbit and Heir Apparent. I liked this one particularly as it reminded me of one of my favourite subjects, spiders and their webs. In fact I have an ongoing series of photos and haiku featuring my garden’s wealth of arachnid friends.

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