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  1. We have Vetch here in Virginia…I learned of it’s ‘proper’ name from my mother-in-law. Considered a weed here, I think it is lovely.

  2. Ah, yes, this is as it should be. It’s what I dream of all winter (a carefree and colourful summer), however, it is not that way this year, sadly; the wildfires are so enormous and from all directions that the air and sky are a horrid grey, ash on everything outside and it comes in through the windows too, muggy and scorching hot, and severe water restrictions, tress and shrubs all wilting and leaves falling already from the drought, animals in distress calling from the wildness nearby all day and night …it’s hard to sleep.

    I’m not able to take my own photos anymore so I’m using old ones that I took from before or findng some on the net and hyperlinking them to the original source because of the heavy, acrid smoke.

    Like I said, this is how summer should be…

    Such a sweet and serene photo!

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