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  1. It is lovely. I write a blog also that is an invented form I call prosity. It is a story that always ends with God and Jesus solving a human problem that anyone can read and understand. It is prose with many rhyming words. Please come visit my blog as I am reading yours. Reciprocate and we all together will share God’s world and bring people to Jesus so their lives can change for the better. See me at jlehman1945 I think you will like it and I would love to have you as a reader. Please reciprocate. I loved your work . Jlheman1945 Hope to see you have been there soon and I will see your new work soon also jlehman1945

    1. I hope things cool off for you soon. It’s been hot here – but very humid and lots of thunderstorms and rain – so our “green mountains” remain green. xo

  2. Water restrictions where I live, even watering a car is not allowed, one must go to a car wash that has a recycling of the water system.

    Enjoy it while you can, because it really is delightful to see so much green.

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