To Be Called

each and every seed
listens and waits
for the wind to call its name
inviting its flight on silken wings

125 thoughts on “To Be Called”

  1. The top seedling looks like a bird, it’s amazing how nature blends all her creatures together, the evidence of family is everywhere in her glorious design.


  2. Greetings from Italy! Thank you very much for your “like” on my “Spring is always around the corner”, on my art blog I would like to send my best compliments for your fantastic photos. Keep up the good work!


  3. I am truly at a loss for words..all I can say is that your poetry brings people closer to nature than ever before.You make us see the little things in the landscape..which we don’t see or dont want to see.This counts for life as make us see the little things which we can be a source of happiness.After all it the little things in life which make us happy..and you do that everyday u make people smile but mind you also make them cry for writing such poetic lines.Really it can someone write so beautifully…so what’s your story?


  4. What beautiful words to say about this! I wasn’t sure what to say since everyone has said the same things, but I love the way anyone who writes can come up with just a few words to make something in the winter sound majestic…love it!


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