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  1. We have had such a great autumn! I’m not ready for winter yet, but the turn in temps and the barren trees are reminders that seasons come and go, ready or not. Seems so weird to see horns on a Holstein, since I’m used to seeing only the cows and not bulls.

  2. Rene’s response was exactly mine. Where did those horns come from? I don’t remember ever seeing them on any black and white cow, other than similarly colored Longhorns. And here’s something else amusing. The grass truly does look greener on the other side of the fence.

  3. All cows have horns actually. I found out the hard way when we got a cow as a ‘pet’ and it started to grow them. They actually burn them off when they are young. My poor cow was too old and they had to cut them off because I had young children. I thought only males had them being the city girl I was… I’m glad I’m a vegetarian going on 38 years now. 🙂 Very sad what we do to animals.

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