Long Winter Days

when seemingly
nothing is happening
spring’s new world is gestating

Three Of Them

despite cold
and lack of mud
here is happiness

Morning With Cows

space and place
for each one
to low and graze


The butterfly, cow and flower
conferring beauty
on the day

At The Sunflower House

every size and kind
of sunflower
under the sun

Flower Farm

bees and butterflies
work the fields
beauty is the harvest

Morning At The Farm

first light caresses
the corn, flowers and barn
blessings of the new day

The Work Of Faith

grain in the silo
barn full of hay
devotions made each day

Farmyard Blessings

the trough is full
and the pumpkin pile
is still high

A Question Worth Asking

will they take our coats
and turn them into socks and sweaters
for themselves

Afternoon With Cows

we bask
in autumn light
as time floats by

Hay the Field

of summer
field work and sunshine


through darkness
into light
the journey’s substance

Wonder of the Wallow

being one with
the great fertile earth
oh the magic of mud