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  1. Power to Flower everyone liked that.
    It really is true in life. When we gather together with purpose, we can accomplish so much more than by ourselves.

  2. Hello. I was really delighted, and truly honoured, to receive a ‘like’ from you for my picture haiku. Your blog is partly to ‘blame’ for beginning to write them, though I wonder that you find the inspiration to pen your lines almost every day. I began to follow you from my ‘photo blog’ as it was one of your pictures which first attracted me whereas I generally follow poets from this one. I began to be inspired to pen a haiku when I saw the picture on the computer screen, from my photo hobby, but now I write them only when I feel them at the same time as ‘seeing the picture’ before I click the shutter. That is still quite rare. I have found that going back to film photography, taking care with every shot which I did not do so much on digital, has made me ‘see’ so much more, as you do, so now I am consciously looking for beauty that is usually missed, but in both the natural and the urban landscape, so thank you also for the ‘like’ on my ‘hidden Bradford’ post on grumpytykepix. I so dislike what has been done to the city of my childhood that I have now made a subtle project of finding and picturing the ‘hidden’ beauty which remains but so far that has inspired only a picture, not the words. Thank you again.

    1. You are very welcome. I’m enjoying your work. I think it’s wonderful you are reclaiming some of the beauty of your childhood Bradford with you project. I look forward to seeing it.

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