40 Replies to “April Ice”

  1. Burrrrrrr! Nice poem to go with your lovely pic!! It’s rainy and chilly in. Y neck of the woods! Bring on the warm sun!!

  2. And didn’t it, though! As much as I am looking forward to spring, I will revel in another weekend forcing me to read and write under my blanket on the couch.

  3. Nice picture. It’s freezing here too. Had a little snow in the air this morning. Thanks for the like of my Weekly Photo Challenge post representing Change.

  4. Poor Spring! I love the photo and the words! Living in a sub tropical climate I know know of the hardships of ice and snow, and see only the beauty

  5. Lovely. I love it when all the ice breaks up and the rivers begin flowing freely. Today on this side of the world in Riga, Latvia they are going to blast ice up in a river here this afternoon.

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