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  1. Now, if only I could convince my darling mockingbird that 4 a.m. is just a touch early! The way the property here is constructed, it functions as an echo chamber, and magnifies the sound so much it can penetrate even closed windows and doors.

    I love and miss the robins. They were my childhood wake-up call. Such a beautiful song.

  2. So inspiriting. Each morning as I open my email and click on your link there is an understanding in me that a visual prayer is approaching. And still I gasp at each one. Thank you.

  3. It is spring here in Vancouver. We await the robins nest building, just a few feet from our door. Two years ago they tried desperately to come into the house. They tapped at our windows, looking in longingly. I love you robins – but no – you can’t come in our house. They left the nest building for so long the first egg was laid outside the nest. I’m not sure if it is the same robins, but for two years now we have robins nesting in a cage hung against the wall close to the kitchen window. Our comings and goings bother them not in the least. They are true poetry to watch. Virginia

  4. The Robins are back again here as well! Waking up to their song can be so vitalizing! Happy Spring, you have an awesome writing style that proves there is beauty in simplicity. Sometimes people, including myself, can get swept up in writing long epics before we know it. Thank-you for calming my own pace, and I look forward to some more of your inspirings. 🙂

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