18 thoughts on “Magnolia Bud Bees”

  1. A beautiful image!

    I have a top bar hive that has been in my yard for almost 4 years. They are so beautiful in the garden in spring and summer. While we have no snow, we do have very cold weather here, so mine, like yours in your photograph, are asleep!


  2. really lovely. gives me a breath of something as i go to bed ( in japan ). are they really in there? i know nothing of bees’ habits.


    1. In cold climates they really are in their snoozing away waiting for spring. Bees do all kind of great stuff – like the “bee dance” which is how they tell other bees where the good pollen is.


      1. there not their. you know what I mean. still I hate to let a grammar error linger unattended. but I don’t feel the same urgency about punctuation.


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