friends of the flock
fly in from afar
determined to attend
the winter wingding

53 thoughts on “Jamboree”

  1. what a special area to visit…you’ve captured the wingding perfectly…of course I clicked on the photo, then used the magnifying glass that shows up and could see two ducks in the trees…they are barely visible in the photo this size…


    1. Heather, I love that you examine the photos so carefully. I wish they could appear larger without the extra steps. I so look forward to your encouraging and thoughtful comments.


      1. lol…that is something I like to do…when the photos are small I feel as though I’m missing something that isn’t easily seen…generally I’m right..often finding something worth taking the time…I feel enlarging the photo makes a good photo look amazing…it is all in the details…I truly enjoy what you do!


  2. l like it a lot. There is something holy about it. Undisturbed nature is sacred and you have capture this perfectly. I will also examine the details in their precious finesse. Thank you.
    (ps: if i did a dupli comment pls. erase the other.)


  3. Oh I cannot tell you how much I love this photo. This was the perfect thing to cheer me up after a hard day at work. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing photography and beautiful talent in poetry πŸ™‚


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