Dearest Readers,

New pages have been added to LEAF & TWIG.  Do come see!

Perhaps you are curious my process of creating? Visit my ABOUT page.

Maybe you are in search of a special gift for yourself or someone else?
Visit my SHOP to purchase prints – framed or unframed, cards, phone covers or totes.

I’ve started another blog. WONDERMENT where the beautiful, curious, humorous, and magnificent is briefly illuminated. It’s lonely for visitors. It can also be SUBSCRIBED too.

If you enjoy Leaf & Twig and feel moved by a generosity of spirit you can DONATE, in any amount, HERE.

Thank you all for the lovely community you have created with your comments. Although I don’t have time to reply to every comment I greatly appreciate each one – and the kind, respectful community they create. Leaf & Twig has become a virtual walk in the woods with friends. If you receive posts in your email box it’s worth a visit to the actual blog to stroll/scroll among the images and listen to, perhaps even join, the often informative, wise and inspiring conversation that is unfolding.  Just click on ‘comments‘ which appears underneath the post title, next to the date in small letters.

May you find beauty somewhere every day.


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  1. Catherine! It’s so nice to see a name associated with Leaf and Twig!
    I hear you about the lack of time, but I will pop over to the new blog and check it out

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