Serendipity of Giving Tuesday

Oh No!
My “donate” link was broken in yesterday’s posting. This donate link does work. That serendipitous mishap became my opportunity (once the swearing stopped) to share with you why I created and maintain Leaf and Twig and how your support will be used.

My purpose is to offer to you – every day – a moment’s appreciation of nature’s beauty in photos, a brief reflection in words to increase the incandescence of joy and hold a light when life is dark. I offer this quiet space for universal connection and recognition. I hold the door open for you and invite you in – in to nature and meaning making, for some respite and nourishment.

Your donation enables me to bring Leaf and Twig’s daily moment of beauty and peace to an even wider audience and affords me the opportunity of time which is so essential to creating.

What might our world be like
if everyone paused, just for a moment, once each day
and received the beauty?


My Dear Readers,

In the past year I hope Leaf and Twig has brought some beauty and peace to your days. Should you feel moved by a generosity of spirit – you can DONATE in any amount, HERE.

The holidays are fast upon us. Click HERE to visit my SHOP to purchase prints – framed or unframed, cards, phone covers or totes. If there is an image you’d like to have that you don’t see in the shop, just CONTACT me and I will make it available. If you are local to the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont my cards can be purchased at Lemon Tree in Hanover, New Hampshire and at North of The Falls in Bradford, Vermont.

I’ve been INTERVIEWED for my other blog WONDERMENT.  You can read the interview HERE.

May beauty find you
wherever you are…


Dearest Readers,

New pages have been added to LEAF & TWIG.  Do come see!

Perhaps you are curious my process of creating? Visit my ABOUT page.

Maybe you are in search of a special gift for yourself or someone else?
Visit my SHOP to purchase prints – framed or unframed, cards, phone covers or totes.

I’ve started another blog. WONDERMENT where the beautiful, curious, humorous, and magnificent is briefly illuminated. It’s lonely for visitors. It can also be SUBSCRIBED too.

If you enjoy Leaf & Twig and feel moved by a generosity of spirit you can DONATE, in any amount, HERE.

Thank you all for the lovely community you have created with your comments. Although I don’t have time to reply to every comment I greatly appreciate each one – and the kind, respectful community they create. Leaf & Twig has become a virtual walk in the woods with friends. If you receive posts in your email box it’s worth a visit to the actual blog to stroll/scroll among the images and listen to, perhaps even join, the often informative, wise and inspiring conversation that is unfolding.  Just click on ‘comments‘ which appears underneath the post title, next to the date in small letters.

May you find beauty somewhere every day.


In Thanks

Moss writes the inscription
on the tree’s tombstone
well lived, generous even in death.

Milk Weed

Seeds of generosity
fly away on Santa’s whiskers
before the first snow falls.

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