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  1. A beautiful reminder to notice the smaller things around us. Thank you for sharing the wonderful words and picture ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You have wonderful talent for paying attention, being astonished, and telling about it! (with thanks to Mary Oliver’s lines)

  3. Catherine,

    This is both profound and lovely, and gives me a renewed admiration for the many and varied mosses that proliferate in my own garden and the woodlands around my home ย‹ a lovely meditation on scale.

    Thank you for the way you practice and disseminate your art, and for the informative explanation of Ekphrastic poetry that you offer on your Web site (in the About section) and which you have helped strengthen as my own favorite among the poetic forms I in which I can only say I dabble. Your individual art works and your overall practice are both inspirations to me in my life overall, and in my particular practices.

    I hope you are sufficiently compensated for your work by your art sales and the new arrangements you recently announced on your Web site, and that my occasionally sharing my favorites from among your daily emails contributes some small amount to your visibility, and perhaps even a little to your compensation.

    In coupled admiration and gratitude,


    From: leaf and twig Reply-To: leaf and twig Date: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 1:03 AM To: gjt Subject: [New post] Scale

    WordPress.com seedbud posted: ” a mountain of moss grew its own forest altering the dimensions of the world”

    1. Gary, thank you so much for taking the time to write. I so appreciate your kind words, generous spirit and appreciation. Blessings to you. Catherine _/\_

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