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  1. Enjoy your photo, however, I wonder if this is the same bird that tried to eat my Koi in my pond? Love the bird, but love my Koi, Ethel better.

  2. I’ve been trying for years to get a picture of this one heron, but everytime I try, he evades me!!! lol He knows….and right when I want to take the pic, he takes off….even while watching two and their mating dance last week, they would fly up right when I was ready~! I think they are ethereal!! 🙂

  3. I don’t think this picture is so much of the heron itself, but the reflection in the water and the curving nature of the background both above and in the water.

    1. Great Blue Herons are such beautiful, elegant birds.

      Sorry, yes they do eat koi. Maybe in the other world they, and all other animals and humans, will be vegetarians…

      Another thought for “Anonymous” — maybe if you arrange some good hiding places underneath rocks in your pond, Ethel will have more protection.

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