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    1. Initially I did it to keep the look of the blog simple. But then another reader mentioned how it was so delightful to read other people’s comments – so it seems to add to the blog in a kind of magical and mysterious way that I really like. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  1. (Re: post above – I have also sought the option to “Like” the post as an additional option to commenting … sometimes with your posts I have a feeling of, “The picture says it all … ” :)) This is an exquisite image which really conveys a sense of “community” of species … somehow you get the sense of the interdependence of these ferns, that they are supporting each other in their unfurling, and I wonder what magical and mysterious (biological or otherwise) connections they might have … endearing photo!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your wonderful insights into the photo. Lovely!!! I’m terrible about timely replies – my apologies. I don’t have the like button turned on because it shows all the “gravatars” and I want the look of the blog to be simple, clean and soothing to the eye. Sometimes there is a like button on the wordpress toolbar at the top of the page on the left hand side – but not always and I have no idea why.

    1. People’s comments are as delightful – they add so much to the blog. I’m very bad at replying and commenting – and so very very happy that people take the time.
      Sometimes there is a like button on the wordpress tool bar at the top of the page on the left hand side. Sometimes. I don’t have the like button with the posts because I can figure out how not to show all the “gravatars” and I think that starts to clutter up the look of the blog. I want it to be a soothing space visually. Thanks so much for stopping by – and sharing your thoughts.

  2. Love this, my seedlings are starting to awaken as well, Some have begun to venture further onward and upward. Thank you for Sharing! Beautifully Photographed!

  3. After months of enduring your assaults on my homesickness (sorry!), I’ll be wandering through Vermont and New Hampshire for the next 10 days. Thank you for keeping New England in my heart and mind.

    1. So glad you get a chance to visit ‘the home land’. Spring is at its peak. ENJOY!
      and thanks for all of your comments. 🙂

  4. “gossamer nightgowns” oh my. I am amazed at how you can take the ordinary things of this world, the things I see every day, and in one image and a few perfect words reveal them as magical. Beautiful. Thank you for helping us remember to see these things.

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