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  1. Dear Seedbud,

    As you know I love your work. I’d like to place you geographically. Where? I’m in the mid-Atlantic, Washington DC. You?

    I hope you’re planning a book!


    1. Marguerite, thank you so much for all your comments. It’s such a pleasure and so encouraging to read people’s impressions and reactions. I live in the “upper Valley” of New Hampshire with Vermont being just a stone’s throw away across the Connecticut river. I dream of making a book…now I just need to dream up a publisher!
      Very best to you,

    1. Jen, thanks so much for the nomination. I am really honored and delighted that maybe more people will find their way to Leaf and Twig. Because I like to keep the blog looking clean and simple I don’t do the process of ‘receiving’ awards. But that doesn’t mean I’m not thrilled to be nominated. Thanks for all your kind and encouraging words. BEST, Seedbud

      1. That’s OK. I think I have nominated you before and it wont stop me nominating you again. I absolutely adore your blog and perhaps some of my community will discover you this way. I really wanted to share you, that is what it about for me so that is all about. Jen

  2. Many thanks for following my Blog. It is beautiful to recognise ones thoughts and observations resonating around the planet. Your words and images raise our respect for all the interwoven manifestations of life.

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