Space and Time

pines bookend time
their reflections
a parallel universe’s tomorrow

Where Elements Rest

the May breeze
takes its holiday
at the marsh

To Come And Go

cold must rise in order to leave
every thing comes and everything goes
in nature’s design of time

In Lingering Ice

lonesome for the red winged
longing for the frogs’ calls
believing in the sun
cattails wait

Eagle’s Perch

an open marsh
the solitary dead pine
this is where the eagle prays


friends of the flock
fly in from afar
determined to attend
the winter wingding

Winter’s Approach

Ice creeps across the marsh.
Pine trees await their white winter coats.
Cold sharpens the silence.


Only a tiny ember
of fall’s glorious fireworks
remains in the landscape.

The Bird Box

In silent anticipation
the whole marsh waits for
the grace of the bluebird’s arrival.

I said

slow down a little, enjoy the scenery.
The marsh is marvelous this time of year.
But he paddled furiously on
determined to miss every enjoyment in his path.