River’s Edge

The bank is soft as an easy chair.
The water a cool embrace.
The sky is as blue as a robin’s egg.
Perfect summer day.


A tree of great courage
refused to be broken
and dared to reach for the sky.

Steel Goat

Glimmering in the sun.
Bewildering birds.
Hungering for fenders.

Life is a Play

The morning mist is a curtain
waiting to be pulled open by the sun
revealing the action of the day.


The land must be listened to
respected and revered.
Old friend show me the way to Eden.

Herd Wisdom

What kind of cows have wheels and honk?
The young one wonders.
Dumb ones. The older ones know.


If you listen closely
at the edge of the pond, shortly after dawn,
you can hear the fish whisper their plans for the day.

Rock Wall

God is here in this rock wall,
in the mind that planned it, in the hands that made it,
in the earth that holds it, in the rain that will wash it,
in the snow that will gather on it, and the sun that dries it.


Some nights a firefly
blinks at my window;
my lovely mysterious suitor.


Dark as midnight
sentry at the garden’s edge
denouncing the dawn garden feasting of deer


Set down your troubles
at the foot bridge to the path
that leads deep into the woods
and let the wind carry them away.

First Flight

From the nest to the branch was a short hop,
more courage will be needed
to fully venture into the world.


The pond shares her wisdom
in the beauty of calmness
and importance of multiple perspectives.


Mother Nature’s remnants
speak to me
of the secret lives in the forest


Throw off your elfin cap
and shout out the color of your summer joy.
I pray that my verve be as tenacious as yours.

Birch Bark

What shall we do together dear useful friend
write a letter, build a canoe, kindle a fire
or listen to the wind in your leaves?

What the garden gives

Midsummer brings the brown eyed susan,
cone flower, cosmo, pink and lavendar
onto the table, bedside and mantle.
An abundance of beauty.

Antler Alter

Antlers embrace pods from the Japanese maple tree,
a shrine to the seasons of life and bounty of Sunday Mountain,
a place to worship.

Blue Berries

Like the birds and bears
we indulge in the sun warmed burst of sweet tartness on the tongue.
Unlike them we hoard for pies and buckles and jam.


The earth has mushroom eyes
that watch us from the ground,
counting our steps.


Fear not the dark cloud and storm
for as they pass they herald even as they obscure
sunshine and the blue hues of heaven


Fluffy dog feet, wet with dew,
cross  granite and grass
before arriving at the breakfast bowl.


The fern shades the baby bleeding heart
from the hot wilting sun
encouraging delicate leaves and tender blossoms

Queen Anne

Delicate, lacey queen
who stands shoulder to shoulder with the commoners and weeds,
gracing flowerbed, roadside and meadow.


Each morning the woodpecker tattoos his message
into the trunk of the crabapple tree
Make yourself known.


Though she is gone, Marje’s morning glories
spend every summer with me through the miracle of seeds.
And as we did, when they come, I will count the blooms.

Tree Spirits

The tree spirits wear bark masks
and leave them behind
for us to remember them by.

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