Like visitors from another planet they appear suddenly and without notice.
Their other worldly beauty is hypnotic. You need not taste them to receive the magic.


Rest here and be still like the water.
Watch the dragonflies dance.
Discover the nurture of a moment of silence.


When smoke has choked the blue from your sky
and grey seems the color of eternity, hang on to hope
for it can keep you afloat and mend your tattered faith.

First Red Tree

Along the great Long River
the first touch of Fall, a splash of red,
presents itself along the southern bank.

River View

Tie your daydreams to the dock
and watch the diamond dance of sunshine on water
as summer slides into fall.


The span links neighbor to neighbor,
above the river, across state lines.
Community knows no jurisdiction.

Cement Squirrel

It is the  magic of care and whimsey
that moves you from spot to spot
to enjoy the views of the garden.

Window Box

When the old red barn is dressed up with a window box
not even the high noon sun can wilt away
her pretty-fication.


Tender hearts bear their leafy souls
to the sun and the weather of the day
as the wind chime cheers them on
and a spider’s web holds them up.


The babies have feathered and flown.
It is time to wing to the South.
Your house holds the echo of your song,
and awaits your return in the spring.


seeks me
in the garden



that I glimpse
from the side of my eye

Darting through blossoms
resting on leaves
taking advantage of sunshine and breeze

Pointing out a shapely cloud
waiting on my mailbox
inquisitive antenna cocked

Reminding me
as mortality
rages on

is not
the final stop.

Tim Mann, dear friend and fellow traveler,
you are remembered.


Charlotte, my dear,
I’d prefer it if you
left your messages outside.

Family Farm

The fields empty at dusk.
The kitchen fills with the sound of hungry forks
and the quiet of resting work boots.


Until the crops have given their full yield
you may rest in the high weeds with the moon flower.
When it is time to till again you will carry the full weight of a man and his dreams.


When the reeds begin to sing their rustling song of early Fall
the geese know it is time to prepare for their pilgrimage  south.


The images of the day
roll across the river’s surface.
A moving picture that will only show once.

Flower Farm

Shoulder high your flowers grow
row after row
awaiting their service of solace or celebration.

Staked Claim

Nestled against the mountain,
tucked beneath a tree,
only the residents know the way in.

Green Mountains

You seem to extend into eternity.
Next to you I know my smallness is the right size.
I am a necessary fragment of your wholeness.


This is where the dragonflies play
on lazy summer days.
Paradise is at your feet.


All your miles brought you to this empty field.
Doors are flung wide, frozen in time,
your driver and passenger eternally on the run.

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