It Was Said In Blossoms

three paragraphs
in blue and pink and white
is how spring told her story

An Echo Of Yellow

blossoms calling
back and forth
across the garden bed


drink deeply
from the marvels and mysteries
of ordinary days

Amidst Blossoms

easy to miss
the thrum and shimmer
darting from bloom to bloom

Spring Tracery

the grand design
each leaf and petal
in it’s perfect place

Simple Sturdy Tradition

the old rock wall
paired with generations
of naturalizing daffodils

A Reunion Of Experience

the old barn
amongst new leaves
each teaching the other

Abundance Inspired Appetite

a mass of blooming branches
my hungry eye
wants to consume it all

The Bloom’s Muse

a glory of tulips
the crabapple’s inspiration
to burst into bloom