Dear Readers,

Some of you have inquired if there is a way to purchase prints – and now there is.

Fine art prints are now available at my gallery on Fine Art America
There is also a permanent link at the top right of the blog.

Perhaps there has been an image on the blog that you would like
to live with…or send as a card…or have cover your phone…

If there is an image on the blog that you would like but do not see on
Fine Art America please email me –
I’d be delighted to make it available to you.

Perhaps you are curious about who “Seedbud” is…
now you can learn a little more.

My heartfelt thank you to everyone who has taken the time to “like” and to write comments. Your encouraging, kind and thoughtful words really feed me and are much appreciated.

My very best to you all,



40 thoughts on “NEWS”

  1. This is wonderful. I’ve purchased some of Steve Schwartzman’s work from Fine Art America, and was completely satisfied with the quality of the print, and the customer service. I think it’s a great company, and I’m glad you’re there now, too.

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  2. Very nice, Catherine, it’s lovely to read about your prespectives on photography and views on nature.

    It’s also nice to know your name and see your beautiful face, full of sensitivity and soulfulness.


    1. Thanks Beth. I haven’t figured out how to incorporate the poem with the print…but it is something that I’ve been tossing around. I hope to find some creative solution. Best, C.


  3. I agree…wabi sabi is a wonderful way to encapsulate your work…and mine as well! I enjoyed reading about you and I always enjoy seeing your posts, even if I don’t always “like” them.


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