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  1. Not far from here is a beautiful view,
    not far from a city named after a rut,
    the rut of lust like deer in fall,
    the rut of depression and black holes of addiction,
    the rut of confusion and fear of changing,
    a rut for masses longing for Eden,
    there I reside, surrounded by green,
    so close to a beautiful view.
    To leave these people of the land of ruts
    and traverse the mountains of green,
    it’s something I must do sometimes,
    lest they drive me insane.
    Even now as I write, the firetrucks scream,
    always an emergency, the rush to the scene.
    Few know how to go slow. All they know is go go go.
    What’s the rush? I’d rather watch plants grow.
    Thank you, you’ve cheered me up today : )

      1. Thank you again and you’re welcome, I put it together on the fly after reading some of yours and reflecting on life in Rutland. This is a wonderful time of year! I hope your gardens are bountiful : )

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