Sun Gazing

Mirror of beauty,
trumpet of spring –
narcissus oh narcissus.


At the edge of the forest
where enchantment begins
grows a tiny tree of goldenrod.


Summer holds on
in sunshine and blossom
but Fall is pulling at her edges.


Dressed to the nines
in sunshine yellow with geometric designs in black
she graciously welcomes all to wander among the flowers.

Susans’ Crown

This garden celebrates
black eyed susan as the queen of summer flowers
by giving her a crown.


The lighthouse of flowers
shinning the way to happy days
for lost or weary souls.

Georgia’s Touch

Unlikely colors blend and into me seeps
a joy of beauty that abolishes all greyness of spirit.


Brave souls of impoverished soil
potent charms
who bring ecstatic dreams

The Circle

As the first bloom fades
the next opens to its glory.


Shinning yellow
beacon of summer
buttercup is a kiss from the sun

Field of Astor

Lavender and yellow delights
gather in the meadow
Woodstock for wildflowers.

Yellow Tree

A tree of color shouts out into the bright blue night
calling to the night’s first, tiny star
friend, I’ve missed you.

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