The Garden Bench

in morning shade
a summer day unfold


red, ripe, juicy
summer hauntings
of winter’s slow end

Taking Turns

summer lingers
in the field
autumn at the fencepost

Soft Saunter Of Colors

late summer
climbed the hill
making way for autumn

Ordinary Hero

summer stalwart
holding up the sky
fending off fall

Portrait of Summer

eternal rock
seasonal bloom
a passing butterfly

Spring Squares Off With The Summer Sun

spring bulbs
duel the sun
high noon in the garden

Summer Surrounded

season change
maple frames
the baled hay

Lighted By A Flowering Torch

summer dims
yet light shines on
in the garden

Uncontainable Happiness

flush of pleasure
the blushing dusk
closes a splendid day

The Day is Full of Gifts

a moment
in the sun

Beacon Home

burning bright
in summer days
flowering lamppost

Enter Stage Left

swooping in
summer arrives
on red wings