Conversation Between Seasons

a stand of white birch
call back
to the snow capped mountain

Trees Thinking About Leaves

by the evergreens
tiny buds plump themselves

Distant Neighbors

on the other side
still we need
each other

In The Time Of Gloaming

beneath the hues
of yellow, pink, lavender, blue
a tree dreams of green

Mere Seconds

be still
to discover how quickly
things change

Dragonfly Wind Chime

the chime sings
the wind’s song
a mountain lullaby

Storm Window

mountains of snow
gather on each pane
showing us this storm’s terrain

Climb A Tree

cross the lake
scale the mountain
touch the sky

Hope’s Devotion

even as
winter’s darkness gathers
color and light persist

Celestial Pageantry

of clouds
celebrates summer

We Gather In The Meadow

chairs circled
we worship in
the valley’s benevolence

Family Of Pines

distinct yet together
beside each other
through all

White Capped Green Mountains

snow in retreat
to the highest elevation
as spring advances

Storm Upon Snow

always something different
in the same view
vision’s infinity