Comings And Goings On The Marsh

room for all
the hurried arrival
the leisurely stroll

The Afternoon’s Infinity

time’s reflection
floating by
ever expanding now

Marsh In Morning Light

all possibilities
at the water’s edge

How Many Sounds Can You Hear All At Once?

lavender echo
the marsh
whispers color


water mirror
sets  everything
on top of itself

One Breath At A Time

in the stillness
meditation on marshland

All The Time In The World

telling time
no need to hurry


water never tires
of the temperature’s
perpetual requirement of readjustment

In Deference To Illumination

touched by light
so turned to gold
alchemy of cold

Fall’s Reflection

water colored
by fall’s display
changing by the day

Microcosm of the Universe

marsh made
the cosmos arose