We Will Gather Fabric Flowers

color blooms
on the clothesline
the garden always giving


sedum climbs
stone steps
footprints of pink and green

Adieu Blue

your intensity
more precious
for its passing

Cathy’s Chrysanthemums

her spirit visits
each year bringing us
flowers to remember her with

The Yard In Autumn

leaves and light
on the lawn

Snail’s Pace

gorgeous October days
ever so slowly
we tuck the garden in


Yellow House With Chrysanthemums

presided throughout
house and garden

Petal Flake Snowball

white hydrangea
the snow
before the snow

While Monarchs Have Departed The Butterfly Bush Blooms On

the nourishment
of beauty
soul food


not to be outdone
by turning maples
the stoplight dahlia

If Summer Could Go On Forever

sunflowers would
shine their cheerful light
through winter’s dark night

Frost Dodger

as summer wanes
each flower more precious
for the precariousness

At The Sunflower House

every size and kind
of sunflower
under the sun

Savoring The Sunshine

summer has not yet
opened the gate
to fall

Contemplating Life

a good companion
is the flower
full of quiet and complexities

Feverfew By The Fence

the second bloom
an insurance
of immortality