Pink Dawn

the magic
of dreams
still within reach

Cows In The Pasture

however far away
place holders
for a summer’s day

The Haven Of Barns

come winter
they will encompass
my world

Wood Duck Box By The Old Corn Field

the frozen marsh
the fallow field
everything in its time

At The Homestead

the farm stand
the house and the barn
a trinity of roofs


red, ripe, juicy
summer hauntings
of winter’s slow end

Hay the Field

of summer
field work and sunshine

In the Nature of Farming

of the cornfield abuts
the rambunctious fence line


the field prepared
weather on the move
commencement of the growing season

Pumpkin Patch

orange tide
awaits the moon
and frost to call it home

Good Morning

morning graze
the river flows
and songbirds serenade

Three Sisters

corn waits
and holds a place for her sisters
beans and squash

Bygone Days

Keeping nothing in and no one out
the wall wanders the mountain
dreaming of open fields and hand plows.

Ready Field

Tilled earth soaks up the sun
and waits for the seeds
of this season’s purpose to be planted.