Lichen Sky

In the absence of leaves
the branch wears lichen.
Spring will not be surrendered.

Blue Noon

Clouds hide away the sun.
Cold paints the world blue.
Is this living on the moon?


In the open space
dreams collect like clouds
creating my horizon.

Slender Thread

We are tied to this earth
with a thread more slender and fragile
than the stem of a birch leaf in autumn.


Blushing at her tardiness
autumn dawn makes her arrival
a bit later each day.


Stones reach into the sky
inviting angels to take a place
at the hearth.

Labor of Love

There is a magic garden
where everyone is welcome
to come and take what they need
be it faith or flowers.


On certain summer days
it is clear
heaven is here with us.


Standing in the quiet of the field
in the gentle morning light
the mountain range rests in soft clouds
all is as it should be.

July Morn

Threatening skies
don’t intimidate
wild grass


The thunderhead rolls in
soon to darken the blue sky with rain
and throw lightening bolts like Zeus.


Clouds gather in formation
ascending towards the heavens
marching across the sky
as pines stand sentry to their parade.

Before the Storm

the sky gathers greyness and weight
and pushes itself upon us blanketing us with
anticipation in the stillness and the stirring smell of approaching snow.

Wide Sky

The southern wind announces Spring is on her way to us.
These clouds are ruffles on her petticoats.


Black branches against brilliant blue
whispers of clouds wandering by
winter’s silhouette.

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