Amidst Blossoms

easy to miss
the thrum and shimmer
darting from bloom to bloom

They Are Dancing

from the bench
we watch
firefly flowers

Berry Cacophony

bright and bursting
rambling scrambling her colors
across the landscape

Bellicose Beauty

running wild
with the grapes
scheming bittersweet

Untamed Aster

such a freedom of flowering
her delicacy
beguiles her toughness

In Sunlight Milkweed Seed Readies For Flight

from order
evolves the chaos
of creation

Trinity In The Vetch

sturdy, cheerful, simplicity
such grows in wild abandon
self-seeding beauty

Lantern In The Woods

a welcome
for wanderers
in the wild

Mountain Lupin

purple blue
running wild


wild beauty
on the fence rail
a compliment to flowering weeds

Kitchen Window Sill

dirty dishes
blessed by
wild delphinium

Every Opportunity

nature is unafraid
of complicated truths
embracing every opportunity of knowing