racing through the garden
carried by the wind
columbine’s wild flames

Flock Of Trillium

in they flew
on angel wings
or so it seems

Glinting In The Winter Sun

fresh powder
piles up
everything a-sparkle

Late Meadow

the season’s colors
settling down
to the ground into brown

Too Soon To Say Goodbye

like summer
we linger
by the fencepost


cacophony of colors
a wild flowering
abandoned to joy

Her Delicate Majesty

the queen
in light and shadow
the shimmer of her flowerless crown

Marsh In Morning Light

all possibilities
at the water’s edge

Wild Flowers With Fence

the spot where
spirit meets
with daily life

Hours of the Flower

blood root’s dawn
answers to the sun’s call
blood root’s noon

Nature’s Love Affair

wildflowers arranged themselves
for the pleasure of
the mountain’s view


winter waited
at the edge
of the changing meadow

Flowering Light

perfectly composed
by the side of the road
sunshine and shade

Queen Anne’s Field

the old red barn
watch guard
of the queen’s field