A Better Way To See

Treat yourself to a moment of calm and beauty waiting for you each day in your inbox rather than scrolling through your WordPress Reader.
It’s easy to receive the daily post of Leaf & Twig as an email.
Go to your site page.
Click on the word READER above the left hand menu.
Below the search box on the right hand side click on MANAGE in the red/pink box
Scroll past two side by side boxes of “recommended sites”
You will see a list of all the sites you follow.
Across from # FOLLLOWED SITES is a search box on the right hand side.
Type in leafandtwig (all one word)
click on SETTINGS
select EMAIL

Then, with just one click on an email you could enjoy a…

Walk In The Woods

through sunshine and snow
the hopscotch
of winter into spring

If you already receive Leaf & Twig in an email
there is gloriously nothing to do!

To Dwell Inside Magnificence

an autumn
walk in the woods
is to step inside the masterpiece

Like Walking To School Through The Blossoming Orange Grove

a scent so
delicate and delectable
it transports me back to childhood

Open To Receiving

a winter walk
the wood’s gifts of beauty
match every step


every beauty
was compounded
because we shared it

Field’s Erudition

solitary walk
a revelation of light
darkness cannot hold

Fast Morning Sky

the landscape unfurls
its green velvet carpet
for the day to walk

The Day Rose Softly

the sound
of a solitary bird
walking the riverside rocks