Morning Sun

light bright enough
to rouse
all sleeping seeds

A Pink Orange Sigh

between night’s descent
and the sleeping earth
resides the colored breath of light

In April

in earthen beds
beneath another snow
seeds shake off their sleeping caps

As Earth Sleeps Beneath Her Blanket Of Snow

blue sky
issues an invitation
to awaken

Day Is Done

clouds pull up
to the mountain’s chin
the world readied for rest

First Light

as the garden bed sleeps
first light
blooms in the sky


sleepy heads
dewy eyed bulbs
rise from the garden bed

How the Garden Grows

merry little breezes dance
as sunshine plays the tune
while flowers raise their sleepy heads
from their garden beds

Winter Dreams

in the comfort of cattails
keeping watch
frogs and fish fast asleep

Land of Dreams

misty mountain
recurring dream
of the sleeping field


grasses softly sing
slumber’s sweet lullaby
of approaching dormant days