Big Pines

in the valley of the Taconics
centuries old pines
are time’s flagstaff

On The Porch

in the peacefulness
it is possible
to dream as big as the sky

Happenings In Forest Time

sunshine makes for shade
as the river flows
and mushrooms grow

Magnolia Clouds

pure as a new spring day
the scented breeze
and petal’s shadow play

Morning Reveals

of a moonlight stroll
hoof prints amidst sparkle

Chasing Blue Skies

up ahead
on the trail
our scouts

The Center Holds

shadows play
on the river of leaves
stillness inside movement

Milkweed Snow

the snow
before the snow
beginnings in endings

Beneath The Wise Gaze Of The Pines By The Barn

during shorter days
amidst longer shadows
we ready for winter