The Butterfly’s Season

’round the blossoms
courting beauty

Repeat Repeat

rain removes snow
then develops into sleet
so goes winter: repeat, repeat

Autumn’s Gloaming

a radiance of colors
as the season fades
to winter

The Maple

the season change
a deepening of golds to red

The Whole Season In A Single Moment

light and dark
and all the in-betweens

Salt and Pepper

bird peppered sky
snow salted land
the seasoned season


seeds ready for flight
intentions set on next season’s
home for monarchs

March Madness

when spring seems
inevitable and impossible
all at once

Birch Brush

summer drawn
with wind and water
moving while still

Wind and Reeds

The river wears the weather like a skin
a snake skin she sheds from season to season
She slithers into winter, slowly slowed until dormant.