Field Colleague

we share a moment
then take off
to our work

The Way

gentle path
through the flowering field
the road to happy destiny

Small Dog Big World

the place between
the call of the wild
and being called home

No One To Ask But The Fog And The Snow

will the curve
in the road
lead us back home?

Dandelion Road

not yet fully formed
our hopes and wishes
accompany us

The Disappearing Barn

pass through
memories remain

Beside The Dusty Road

a meeting place
for man and nature’s

The Great Now

was flowering

Following Leads

through the reeds
a road emerged
that seemed to lead to spring


keep an eye on the road
and a head in the weeds
and bring all your quills home

Willing To Be Lead

the road
leading into the wilderness
leads out as well

The Road Towards Summer

In a few weeks time this road will lead
to lazy days shimmering with heat and nights with fireflies.

River Road

Take the slow way home along River Road.
Rest on the shoulder, marvel at the canopy of clouds.